Vintage Burlesque & Cabaret

2011 © Pin-Up Perfection photography | Loulou D'vilBurlesque is an hommage to the big shows at Moulin Rouge in Paris during the Belle Epoque, the glory days of silent film, the Berliner cabarets from the roaring twenties and the glamour of Hollywood’s golden years.

The burlesque strip-tease, also known as ‘the art of tease’ is the ‘moment suprême’ of each show. An art, yes, because the ‘strip’ may be about revealing what is hidden underneath several layers of exquisite costuming, but would be nothing without the ‘tease’, or the very art of seduction. Inspired by beauties from era’s past, each of our dancers will charm you with their beauty and tongue-in-cheek humor. Step inside our realm where eroticism rhymes with mystery and where glamour, insolence, humour and mischief are en vogue.

Since 2010, the impact of celebrity Dita Von Teese and films like Tournée and Burlesque have broadened beyond the scope of theatre and show business. Burlesque has become a worldwide phenomenon, attracting an audience who likes to play by the rules of elegance and sensuous tease.

Today, Neo Retro revives burlesque and vintage cabaret from revue theaters to clubs. Charming crooners, singers and diva’s in the piano bar… teasing pin-ups… chorus girls with feathers and pearls… a crazed charleston or frantic French cancan… a hell-raising hostess… magicians and pantomime actors… jugglers and acrobats who’ll give you vertigo… the caress of a feather fan… chills running down your spine when gazing at fire breathers… oriental dancers and hoola hoop queens… subtle seduction by the world’s most enchanting strip-teasers… All of whom are about to embark you on a journey you won’t soon forget!